A new unauthorized biography on Celine Dion

A new biography unauthorized on Céline Dion

Céline Dion is the subject of a new unauthorized biography. The book Céline Dion – The real story, written by French peoplejournalists Laurence Pieau and Hervé Tropéa, was published on November 17 by Robert Laffont.

The book claims to reveal “the secrets of a fragile idol”, as mentioned on the cover. Assuring that the singer's fans do not really know everything about her, the two authors claim that she suffers from “tremendous loneliness” and that “the whole world is worried about her mental and physical health”, she who “always pushes her body and her voice further, at the risk of damaging herself”.

Unauthorized new biography on Celine Dion

The cover. Image: Robert Laffont.

Having collected testimonies from one of the diva's sisters, but also from her musicians and producers, Pieau and Tropéa write that “the recluse of Las Vegas”, as they call her, “vacillated […] when ;she lost the two pillars of her life” with the death of her husband, René Angélil, in 2016, then that of her mother, Thérèse, in 2020.

If the information provided in the book does not ; have not been confirmed by the main interested party, it is true that she had to postpone shows due to health problems.

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