A nightcap (free) in honor of Dawes Brewery in Lachine

One last drink (free) in honor of Dawes Brewery in Lachine 

Tomorrow night will be the ultimate opportunity to see the exhibition “To drink you have to sell!” Advertising and Black Horse Beer in the 20th Century” at the Guy-Descary Cultural Complex, organized by the Musée de Lachine.

The Lachine Museum invites history (and beer?) enthusiasts to raise their glass to the heritage of the Dawes brewery, founded in 1811 — the third brewery established on the island of Montreal, after Molson (1786 ) and Dunn (1808) — tomorrow during a free happy hour without reservation at the Guy-Descary cultural complex, located in Lachine.

Retro music played on a gramophone, costumed croupiers-entertainers: a 1920s atmosphere awaits visitors!

This festive evening marks the end of the exhibitions outside the walls < em>To drink you have to sell! Advertising and Black Horse beer in the 20th century as well as The Dawes Brewery in Lachine, presented at the cultural complex. This will be the opportunity to take advantage for one last time of these exhibitions, composed of ancestral objects from the Dawes Black Horse collection of the Musée de Lachine, which is today the depository.

In order to continue to highlight the rich heritage and history of the Dawes brewery, the Lachine Museum has not said its last word and is working on new strategies that will be deployed over the next few years. , we learned in a press release.

The Dawes Black Horse collection of the Lachine Museum brings together more than 800 objects, meticulously selected by collector and antique dealer Michel Ste-Marie.

Guy-Descary Cultural Complex
2901 Saint-Joseph Boulevard
Entrance : free without reservation

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