A podcast on the Biodôme

A podcast on the Biodôme

The Space for Life museum complex unveils a new series of podcasts recounting the unusual daily life of experts at the Montreal Biodôme. The podcast entitled My profession, my passion, my Biodôme has five episodes of about fifteen minutes each to listen to in bursts or one at a time.

Moreover , the first three episodes are already online!

Episode 1: Interpreting Nature

  • Moving from Tropical Rainforest to The Érablière des Laurentides in a few steps
  • Learn about the particularities of the plants and animals that live there
  • Share your passion for nature with young and old to sow with conviction the desire to protect the planet

With Francis Cecil-Cardinal, scientific designer educator at the Montreal Biodôme

Episode 2: Feeding animals

  • Transforming fruits and vegetables into varied diets adapted to each animal
  • Know by heart the preferences of small monkeys or bats
  • Help maintain the health of animals living in five ecosystems of the Americas

With  Krystel Marinier-Sorel, animal care technician in the Montreal Biodôme kitchen

Episode 3: Diving in the St. Lawrence

  • Put on a diving suit
  • Ensure the maintenance of a basin of 2.5 million liters of salt water maintained at a temperature of 10 degrees Celsius
  • Ensuring the Care of Marine Animals

With Jonathan Allaire, Animal Care Technician & #8211; diver at the Montreal Biodôme

The other 2 episodes of the series My Job, My Passion, My Biodôme will air starting April 4.

Episode 4: Operating Life Support Systems

  • Ensure day and night the proper functioning of the machines and instruments that support life in the ecosystems
  • Know how to reverse the seasons in the penguin’s habitat
  • Finding the right dosage of ozone to disinfect the water in the beaver’s habitat
  • Adjusting the salinity of the Gulf of St. Lawrence Basin

With Jonathan Laurin, operator at the Montreal Biodôme

Episode 5: Taking care of animals

  • Having daily access to a tropical forest in the heart of Montreal
  • Knowing how to interpret the different vocalizations of Goeldi's callimicos < /li>
  • Knowing the little habits of a collared kamichi
  • Developing a precious bond of trust with the animals in her care

With Roxan Ouimet, animal care technician at the Montreal Biodôme

To find all these podcasts, visit the site: espacepourlavie.ca

Space for Life brings together the Biodôme, the Biosphere, the Insectarium, the Botanical Garden and the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium. These five institutions of the City of Montreal form a major natural science complex in Canada.

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