A podium for Alex Harvey’s final race

Quebec’s Alex Harvey completed his brilliant career on Sunday, finishing second in the 15km pursuit, which represented the last race of his career at the World Cup finals on the Plains of Abraham.

C ‘is a slapshot seemingly innocuous Philipp Kurashev deflected by Luke Kutkevicius powerplay at 11:40 of the fourth period, which made the difference.

“I did not even know I had scored!” Admitted Kutkevicius, once in the locker room, saying he had heard the good news from his teammates. “We thought we had to throw more and Phil had a good game.”

“From the beginning, our only goal is to play good hockey and that’s what we do,” said head coach Victor Roy. “The result is we won two games, but that’s it. It will not change anything else, “says the pilot.

Yet largely neglected, the Remparts come home at the helm of the four of seven. And the next three games will be played at Center Videotron, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, in the 2-3-2 format dictated by the league when more than 1000 km (1023) separate the two cities.

A scenario that is not without offense to the coach Mooseheads, Eric Veilleux. “We played our first 15 games of the year abroad and we won 13. We are able to win on the road and this is the message I gave my players” after the defeat, said Veilleux.

Offside, Veilleux believes

Veilleux had however against the officials, he who believed that an offside should have ended the action that led to the very expensive penalty.

“The game was dead! What happens after, even if it was a six against zero, it does not matter, “he pleaded, he whose troop has conceded three goals in five short runs of a man.

Much was praised by the devastating attack of the East Association champions and even more the efficiency of their power play. But, oh, surprise! It was not the Mooseheads, but the Remparts who used this formula to take a 4-3 lead on the opposing ice after 40 minutes of play.

Mooseheads, it must be said, Saturday deprived of their two most powerful offensive weapons and top players center Samuel Asselin, suspended for the match, and Benoît-Olivier Groulx, returned to Gatineau to treat a mononucleosis. Asselin suffered the wrath of the league after his tackle from behind served the day before to Thomas Caron.

The other goals of the Remparts are Andrew Coxhead, twice, Jeremy Laframbois, in breakaway, and Sam Dunn. Coxhead and Dunn took turns in favor of the attack at the end of the middle third.

Defend, but not too much

The visitors then set out to clear the disc from their zone within 20 minutes of play, but Raphael Lavoie, whom the experts see coming out early in the next NHL draft, forced the overtime with 3:39 left in the third. .

Roy then urged his protégés to take over the opposing assault net, putting pressure on the disc holder, which they had done during the first two periods.

“It’s normal for 4-3 to want to defend even for us behind the bench. But we had to start closing the space again “, analyzed the Chief Red Devil.

In front of the net, if Anthony Pagliarulo (41 saves / 45 shots) still does not look like a future Patrick Roy, precisely, he is for the moment superior to his vis-à-vis. Alexis Gravel (25/29) was replaced after two periods by Cole McLaren (7/8).

If Gravel has shown a good efficiency rating of .921 in the playoffs in the last two years, this one is .863 for the first two playoff games of 2019.

The pressure on Pagliarulo was incessant as the match progressed, as evidenced by the shot of 23 shots that his cage was the target in the last 32 minutes of play against only eight for McLaren – 16-4 in the third period.

It should be noted that no fewer than four goals or similar items were reviewed on both sides in the game, with only one being awarded.

Arnaud Durandeau, a double, and Maxim Trépanier, who celebrated his return from injury, also scored for Halifax.

NOTE: As we do not change a winning formula, Roy kept his Friday roster. Aleksei Sergeev (collarbone) and Dylan Schives (hand) are injured, while Louis Tardif and Spencer Blackwell have been further entrenched.

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