A Pointelier at Star Académie

A Pointelier at Star Académie

Pointelier Julien Charbonneau at Star Académie (on the left in the photo).

The family of singer Julien Charbonneau and actors from the Pointe-aux-Trembles district have been mobilizing for a few weeks to give him a boost to reach the final of Star Académie. p>

A native of Pointe-aux-Trembles, Julien Charbonneau has been showcasing his talents as a singer for a few weeks on the popular reality TV show presented on TVA.

Passionate about the scene since a young age and participant in the sixth season of La Voix in 2018, Julien now adds this “very formative” experience that is Star Académie to his roadmap, says his mother, Lyne Jalbert.

His development and his performances at the Sunday gala are also eagerly awaited within his “very tightly knit” family. “We live it very intensely the whole family. […] The passion of one becomes the passion of everyone,” says Ms. Jalbert.

However, although some support for Julien has been felt in the Pointelière community more recently, several citizens still do not seem to be aware that the young singer is from Pointe-aux-Trembles, believes his mother.

< p>In order to encourage the young man, whose performance will be put to the public vote this Sunday, his family has therefore put up posters on the territory in recent weeks. “We want people to vote for Julien – if they obviously appreciate what Julien does,” she adds.

It was also when the latter went to have posters printed and stickers in the trade of Denis Pelletier, who is also president of the Pointe-de-l'Île Chamber of Commerce, that he discovered that the singer was from the area.

“C&rsquo This is where I started to tell people: we have to make a movement so that people know it”, supports Mr. Pelletier, explaining that he approached “tradesmen, pharmacies, grocery stores”, so that they affix a poster encouraging the young singer, whose talent he salutes.

But whether he makes it to the final or not, Ms Jalbert specifies that the important thing is that his son can “realize his passion” and make himself known.

“To do what he has done is already exceptional and we are very proud of him. […] He seems so happy, so well surrounded, learning so much and enjoying this experience to the fullest,” she rejoices.

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