A PQ leader also elected by non-members, proposes Hivon

The next leader of the Parti Québécois (PQ) should be elected not only by members of the party, but also more widely by citizens who are not members.

This was hinted Joliette PQ member Véronique Hivon on Sunday at the PQ National Council in Trois-Rivières.

Hivon is one of the potential candidates for leadership, but has already indicated she is not yet ready to make that decision.

In a scrum of the press, Hivon said that the party’s rules already allow for broadening the base of voters to choose the leader.

“We will decide it in due course if we open to non-members,” she said. Personally, I think we should. ”

For its part, the interim leader, Pascal Bérubé, said in a press briefing on Sunday that this could be discussed during the extraordinary congress next autumn.

The leadership race will be held in 2020, as planned on Saturday at the National Council.

181 proposals of young Péquistes

During Sunday’s plenary, Ms. Hivon rose to the front to defend the demands of the young Péquistes, who proposed to accept civil society observers at the extraordinary congress next autumn, despite the opposition of some delegates. .

“It’s time to open the doors to other people,” she said.

On the basis of Ms. Hivon’s argument, the young Péquistes managed to pass an amendment so that proposals from the public and civil society, expressed on consultation platforms, would be debated at the next special convention.

“If we stay between us, we will repeat the same actions, pleaded a representative of the youth wing, Alec Ordon. This is not a “free pass” for civil society, we will filter [the proposals]. ”

The young Péquistes have managed to increase the number of proposals that will be debated at the next congress, despite the opposition of some activists.

“I think 18 [additional proposals for a total of 181], it is not excessive for a party that must demonstrate the greatest openness in its reconstruction,” said the Member for Jonquière, Sylvain Gaudreault.

“Without the youth, this party will not survive,” said a Laurentian activist. They do not ask for the moon. “

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