A puppet named Dr Arruda

A puppet named Dr Arruda

The National Director of Public Health, Horacio Arruda

CHRONICLE & # 8211; “If I had known today that this would be announced, maybe I would not have done it.”

Here is the response, disarmingly candid, offered by the director of public health to the journalist asking him about the relaxation of the sanitary measures of a few weeks ago. In other words: even if we had known about the current debacle, thanks to Omicron, MAYBE the strategy employed would have differed. & Nbsp;

Maybe so, but maybe that no. And why, maybe not? Because it is the responsibility of hurting some, Doc Arruda, unfortunately, does not decide anything. Or so little. A puppet, in a way. That of the Legault government, for which it serves as the only scientific veneer. Boring to say, but that's it.

We remember the test balloon, moreover quite square, recently launched by the Prime Minister: 25 people at Christmas! The date of the balloon? November 29. In the midst of the transmission crisis of Omicron, already landed on the territory of the Nation. The Prime Minister trying to convince of his “docility” to the “directives” of the doctor, a compromise of 20 guests is then established, despite a crisis a fortiori. & Nbsp;

A few days earlier, oh coincidence, a new internal poll was ordered by the Legault government, in order to find out the preferences of its electorate regarding the upcoming festivities. Nothing in particular here, you will tell me, this same government having spent more on surveys and advertising than all of its provincial and federal counterparts, during the last 18 months. & Nbsp;

Hard to believe that the maneuver, subtle like Tony Accurso's yacht in the Jarry park pond, still has its share of fools. Because the pattern is now unmistakable: electoralism at full speed, and science as a smokescreen, screen held in the hand by the good doctor. & nbsp;

Am I exaggerating? Are the decisions up to him, seriously? So how can we explain that Minister Roberge deliberately lied on the heated issue of the (non) ventilation of schools, going so far as to claim to have received the prior approval of public health, a claim then denied by an Arruda pushed in his (last) ) media entrenchments? What (serious) minister of a government respectful of its director would dare to use the latter in this way?

How to explain that this same director of public health is the only one in Canada who has to share the lectern of his press conferences with the … politician? & nbsp;

How to explain his constant glances towards Dubé before practically any response offered to the media?

How can we explain the return of karaoke, the quintessential sputum vector, simultaneously, or almost, with the arrival of Omicron? A scientific decision, karaoke, really? How can we also explain that Quebec is the only province not to have declared aerosols as exceptional propagators of the virus, if not to excuse the lack of related measures in our schools?

How to explain, to the same effect, the absurd decision to remove the masks in class, knowing what precedes? Scientific, that too, or perfectly electoral?

How do you explain the smokescreen, the thousandth, dealing with the need to “wash your hands well”, when transmission in this way is almost non-existent?

How to explain type decisions Advance Hercules, decried by all serious experts, including Drs Liu, Machouf and Tam? & Nbsp;

How to explain the exit of Dr Arruda, formerly, against the compulsory wearing of the mask, claiming an absurd analysis of the constitutional right, while the boring justification resided rather in the inability of the government to obtain it in real time?

How to explain the maintenance of the opening of schools a few days before Christmas, despite more than 4000 cases on a daily basis, if not only as “ parking ” for children profitable to a certain electorate?

How to explain, after the fatal disaster of the CHSLDs , the renewal of the mandate of the good doctor by the Legault government?

Let's stop being cynical towards politics ! they often say. We don't ask for better.

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