A Quebecer in a Netflix culinary competition

Un Qué kiss in a Netflix culinary competition

Dominic Lamirande

A new culinary competition is coming to Netflix on December 16 and we already know who we're going to vote for: Dominic Lamirande, the young chef Québécois who participates!

Mr. Lamirande – aka Dom Cooks, a home cook from Montreal who shares his recipes on social media – aims to prove that you can have a healthy diet without just eating salad.

Fun in perspective

The concept of the show called Cook at all Costs seems very funny . With $25,000 in the bank, participating chefs must decide whether they want to bid on better ingredients, save their money for essentials, or bet on a surprise. Some will try to show that modest ingredients can also make good dishes.

It is therefore a mixture of skill and strategy that the cooks must deploy to impress the judges. At the end of the course, the amateur chef who has proposed the best dishes wins all the money remaining in his bank.

See the trailer in which Dominic appears:< /strong>

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