A second queer synthpop album for Tootsy

A secondè me queer synthpop album for Tootsy 

Tootsy and his “Bitshees” (Dominique Pelletier and Éric Falardeau).

Tootsy is back with a second queer synthpop album titled The Beginning of a Festival. Both cynical and melancholic, the nine new pieces by the artist from Abitibi-Témiscamingue address addiction, loneliness and self-acceptance on beats that are both soaring and dancing , undeniably inspired by the 1980s and Eurodisco. 

If we find the minimalist side and DIY of his first album, Plastique, chiptune artist and theremin expert who now shares the stage with Tootsy at each of his shows.  

“It was more than a year of hard work that outweighed everything else, for better and for worse. Anxiety attacks, isolation, consumption, loneliness… but above all, a lot of courage and patience”, declared Tootsy (alias Lou Patry) on his Facebook page on the occasion of the launch of the album at the bar Le Cheval Blanc, on January 28th.  

Tootsy and his “Bitshees”, as his musicians are nicknamed, will once again be performing at Le Ritz bar on March 4th in the framework of a “disco punk party”.  

The album The beginning of a festival is currently available on Bandcamp and will soon be available on other platforms listening online, promises the artist.  

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