A shallow do not do the spring…

A swallow does not spring…

Shirley Dorismond, candidate for the CAQ in Marie-Victorin.

CHRONICLE – This week, proud as a peacock, François Legault presented his new candidate for the by-elections in the riding of Marie-Victorin, Shirley Dorismond.

Ex-nurse and trade unionist (formerly vice-president of the Fédération Quebec interprofessional health body, the FIQ), Ms. Dorismond is a rare bird within the CAQ.

Indeed, in 2020, she published the following message on Twitter (later taken up by the FIQ): “There will be no social justice as long as systemic racismwill exist. When we adopt behaviors that directly or indirectly disadvantage racialized people or people from ethnocultural communities in the workplace, we discriminate against them.”

I found it right away rather nice, even going so far as to imagine that, once elected…

…she could turn the beak to all those in her party who deny the existence of systemic racism so that they stop burying their heads in the sand and start a complete overhaul of all the systems that continue to perpetuate injustices of all kinds…< /p>

…she could even take under her wing her colleague Ian Lafrenière, former police officer and Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, so that he stops baying at the crows, finally takes his role seriously and takes concrete action (other than giving a million dollars to his police friends) to combat the racism suffered by Aboriginal people and other ethnocultural communities…

In short, that she would at least be able to stand on her own two feet within her party, without losing too many feathers in political spats with the other members of the CAQ, to defend the causes that are important to her. heart as she did in the time of her union activism.

Unfortunately, the interview she gave on Monday morning on ICI Première radio already signaled the swan song of my high hopes in this area. While the host was specifically questioning her about her 2020 tweet, she, perhaps deliberately acting like a fool, three times avoided the heart of the question. “I want to fight against racism,” she simply repeated, like a parrot, taking great care to avoid the much hated word: systemic.

Just to be clear, I don't want take it personally to Ms. Dorismond. I am 100% for more women and racialized people in politics. On the other hand, the fact that it does the weathervane at the first opportunity leaves me in awe of my desire to see the CAQ evolve and arrive in the 21st century and does not bode anything very productive on the part of this new candidate on the side of social advances against systemic racism and for the indigenous cause.

A swallow does not make spring as they say.

Phil, the groundhog from Punxsutawney in Pennsylvania , saw its shadow this week, so spring will be late this year. We have to believe that with the CAQ in power, the winter is likely to be very long.

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