A sixth virtual edition for the Diversity Employment Fair

A sixth virtual edition for the Diversity Employment Fair

The regional director for Estrie and Quebec of Actions Interculturelles Jacqueline Belleau, in white, alongside the president of the board of directors, Louise Gagné and the general director of Actions Interculturelles, Mohamed Soulami.

Share November 11, 2020 3h00 Share A sixth virtual edition for the Diversity Employment FairA sixth virtual edition for the Diversity Employment Fair

Andréanne Beaudry La Tribune Due to the pandemic, Actions Interculturelles will virtually hold the sixth edition of the Foire Diversité Emploi from November 19 to 21.

The various participating exhibitors will therefore be presented in 3D via a personalized digital platform designed by a Quebec company.

These employers will be able to personalize their “virtual kiosk” through the publication of a logo, a job posting board and promotional videos. A few advantages are also added to the sixth edition such as the option of chat, a virtual agenda for making appointments and an online meeting room for interviewing candidates.

A cultural zone with various kiosks for the Quebec week, intercultural meetings and workshops offered by organizations will enrich the event, according to the chair of the board of directors of Actions Interculturelles, Louise Gagné.

The Diversité Emploi Fair is aimed at immigrants, young people aged 25 and under, as well as experienced workers aged 55 and over.

Two financial contributions

Also, with COVID-19, the unemployment rate has tripled compared to the last year. “Given the situation, there was no question of dropping the Diversity Employment Fair,” said Jacqueline Belleau, regional director for Estrie and Quebec of Actions Interculturelles, at a press conference.

The organization Actions Interculturelles then obtained a financial contribution of $ 30,000 from the Ministère du Travail, de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale in addition to an amount of $ 20,000 from the City of Sherbrooke.

“I am happy that the Diversité Emploi Fair is going on since it bridges the gap between job search and the need for manpower, taking into account the cultural dimension”, states the deputy for Saint-François, Geneviève. Hébert, on behalf of the Government of Quebec, which recognizes the organization's proactive role.

The mayor of Sherbrooke, Steve Lussier, continues the presentation via Zoom by highlighting the challenge of Actions Interculturelles to organize a Fair in times of COVID-19.

“The pandemic has put the brakes on many things, but certainly not on the shortage of manpower,” says Steve Lussier.

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