A summit to strengthen ties between Latin American women in Montreal

A summit to strengthen ties between Latin American women in Montreal

Organizers and speakers at the First Latin American Immigrant Women's Summit taking place on June 3 (from left to right and from top to bottom): Luz Eliana Arroyave (mentor and spiritual trainer), Marielena Davila Ferri (mistress of ceremonies), Aura Flores (author and family counselor), Paulina Sepúlveda (psycho-emotional therapist and mentor), Sandra Londoño (social worker and family counselor), Gabriela Mendoza (real estate and financial specialist) and Romina Vespa (personal image counselor).

More than 150 women from Latin America will gather on June 3 at the first Latin American Immigrant Women's Summit to enjoy a day of networking, workshops and conferences on mental, emotional, spiritual and financial.

Six professionals will share their expertise in order to equip Spanish-speaking immigrant women in their process of integration and personal growth, but also to strengthen their ability to overcome the challenges of their daily lives. They will do this through lectures on inner transformation, grief management, motherhood, relationship with money and personal image.

This non-profit community initiative is supported by the ALPA organization, whose mission is to facilitate the integration of newcomers and the socio-economic development of immigrants.

Strengthening ties in the community

“I wanted to mesh the needs of women who face adaptation difficulties in their immigration process with the talent and the will of the professionals who can help them in their journey”, says the president and main organizer of the event, Sandra Londoño.


“We want to send a message of hope, inspiration and independence to immigrant women in our community and help them discover their potential,” adds the woman who is also a social worker, family counselor and mediation approach consultant to the network of Integrated University Health and Social Services Centers (CIUSSS).

The event also aims to promote the creation of links between newcomers to Canada and immigrant women who have been established there for a long time in order to encourage mutual aid.

Tools for better integration

“Whether we are newcomers or long-time immigrants, it is important to have a support network that allows us to be stronger and more independent”, says organizer, speaker and public relations officer for the event, Aura Flores.

During her talk titled Conscious Woman, Emotionally Intelligent Motherhood, Ms. Flores will share with Summit participants her advice for living motherhood in a harmonious way and for improving communication and the relationship with their children.

My objective is to provide tools for Latin American mothers to be able to adapt to Canadian culture without losing their cultural identity or compromising their personal values.

Aura Flores, author and independent family counsellor

In addition to the workshops and conferences, some twenty companies offering products and services aimed at families and the Latin American community will be present at the event, which will take place at the Regroupement Loisir et Sport du Québec in Montreal on 3 June from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Women wishing to attend the summit can purchase tickets by visiting the event's website.

This text was produced as part of the Local Journalism Initiative.

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