A suspicious vehicle causes quite a stir near the National Assembly

A suspicious vehicle is causing quite a stir near the National Assembly

An abandoned Nissan Sentra on rue des Parlementaires kept the police on their toes Wednesday noon.

The Quebec City Police Service (SPVQ) carried out an intervention near the National Assembly due to the presence of a suspicious vehicle, Wednesday noon.

The constables officials from the government building contacted the police shortly after 11 a.m. to report the presence of an abandoned car on rue des Parlementaires.

The area was quickly cordoned off by the police. A dog handler was also involved. The intervention team finally searched the vehicle before regaining access to the perimeter around 12:20 p.m.

In a press release, the police indicated that the owner of the vehicle parked near the National Assembly s was manifested during the intervention and “that no criminal impact was involved in this event”. The police also recalled “the importance of following the regulations in force in the National Assembly sector with regard to parking”.

“It was a person who had an urgent meeting and he parked in a place where parking was prohibited,” said SPVQ spokesperson Marie-Pier Rivard when invited to specify the circumstances of the incident by Métro.

It should be noted that a council of ministers was taking place at the same time within the confines of the National Assembly complex.

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