A thin glimmer of hope in the Canadian

Une mince lueur d’espoir chez le Canadien

The Canadian might have the necessary tools to attempt the impossible return of his week off. But the task will be arduous.

January 19, 2020 20h11


A thin glimmer of hope in the Canadian

Alexis Belanger-Champagne

The Canadian Press


Claude Julien insisted that no one has abandoned in the Canadian, but the work that will be the head coach of the club with the return of its bye week will be important.

The series of eight defeats to the Habs at the back of the Christmas break, his second of the campaign, has completely derailed the season for the team. Before the matches on Sunday, the Canadian was ranked as the 12th association of the East, seven points from the Philadelphia Flyers and the second pass additional giving access to the series, as well as six points of the Panthers of Florida and the third largest of the Atlantic chapter. In addition, the Flyers had a game in hand on the canadiens, and Panthers, three.

The situation in Canada could be even less favourable, when it will resume the collar next Monday by hosting the Washington Capitals, as several teams in front of him in the standings will play some of their games in hand before they begin their bye week.

In spite of everything, the last week allows the most optimistic of keep a glimmer of hope. The Canadian has won four matches out of five in eight days, and the infectious enthusiasm of Ilya Kovalchuk seems to have rekindled the passion of the supporters.

“We’re going in the right direction, said the attacker Nick Cousins after the win in shootout 5-4 of the Canadian in the face of the Golden Knights Vegas on Saturday night. We hope to see a few players making returns to the game healthy after being discharged. We want to continue our momentum.”

In the infirmary

Forwards Jonathan Drouin, Brendan Gallagher and Paul Byron are always in the infirmary of the Habs. Their return to training would allow other players to end up in chairs more familiar.

In the space of two weeks, Cousins has passed from the first to the fourth trio in particular pursuant to the hiring of Kovalchuk and the return-to-play from Joel Armia. This may just be a coincidence, but he has scored two goals in the face of the Golden Knights, putting an end to a dearth of 15 meetings.

“This is what we need at this time. It is always good when the offensive comes a little bit of all of the world, noted Julien. When your fourth trio generates two goals, you are right to expect to win.”

The Canadian could, therefore, have the necessary tools to attempt the impossible return of his week off. But the task will be arduous.

Once again Saturday, the Habs has demonstrated that it is capable of the best and of the worst,, wasting of the advances of 3-0 and 4-2 before winning at the shootout.

A miracle?

In the last few weeks, a few players from Canada have recalled the miraculous journey of the Blues from St. Louis last winter, when they won the Stanley cup after having occupied the last place in the overall standings of the NHL in early January. Saturday, it was the turn of Tomas Tatar mentioned.

The Blues were given a chance to climb back up the standings last year with 11 consecutive wins, including 10 on the back of their bye week. “We need to draw inspiration from their example, said Tatar. We must play with more consistency to give us a chance to get there.”

Kovalchuk said after the game against the Golden Knights that he would have preferred not to have to leave it and continue to play. For its part, the goalkeeper Carey Price was recalled that a little rest is always good.

“The Christmas break has fallen at a bad time also, because we were playing good hockey, for his part, recalled Cousins. But I think it will be good to have the opportunity to make the empty, reset the counter to zero and enjoy the sun a little bit.”

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