A third gain of a result to finish the year 2018

The Holidays smiled at Phoenix, who has added a third gain in as many games between Christmas and new Year’s day. His latest victim: the Olympic of Gatineau.

The gang of Stephane Julien has finished the year in style thanks to a victory of 5 to 2 Monday afternoon at the Palais des sports. The secret of this steadfastness during this week of celebrations?

“We kept away from the meat pie, potatoes and dumplings, throw it at joke the coach sherbrooke. No seriously, everyone has kept the focus and I enjoyed our how to play in our last two parties, without saying that our club has been bad for Quebec, it has at least been more draft against the Walls. “

Yann Félix Lapointe has once again hit the target to give the advance to his own in the first period, followed by Taro Jentzsch: 2-0 Sherbrooke after 20 minutes.

Ryan DaSilva has accentuated the gap in the second period, and Felix Robert has added a fourth net.

“I pointed to my mother after my goal, says DaSilva, who was greatly celebrated for its beautiful game play carried out during the first seconds of the engagement. My parents are in town and I looked at Cregan first and then I saw my mother in the stands. I am especially happy to have a good finish the year this way. Just before the break, we had played badly against Blainville and was eager to resume. With three victories at home, you can’t ask for more. “

The Olympics returned in force in the third period with two goals, those of André Simard and Pierre-Olivier Lacombe. Benjamin Tardif has completed the mark in an empty net.

“It has been very good during the first two periods and what happened in the third period, it is a little human, considers Stéphane Julien. The guy thought that the game would be easy to 4-0 and have started to cheat. We lost the pace, but they regained control in the last ten minutes. “

“We got to have our own game during the first two periods,” says Eric Landry, a driver of the Olympics. I wanted to use our world at this second party in two nights and they committed a lot of turnovers. We kept the game more simple in the third period. It is in evaluation mode and loss-of-Charles-Antoine Roy has forced our team to use the same players more often, but it will be okay for the next game. “

Brendan Cregan has once again earned the first star of the game thanks to its 29 stops.

“We came back to the game system. Our defenders score goals, the puck has eyes this time. It works well as a defensive and we wish a lot of success in 2019, hoping to finish the season with the advantage of the rink for the series. “

The Phoenix will head to the Abitibi region on 4 January to compete in his first games of the year 2019 in Rouyn-Noranda first and Val-d’or then.

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