A toilet seat would detect a heart problem

A toilet seat developed by US researchers would detect congestive heart failure.
The headquarters developed by the Rochester Institute of Technology would be purchased by hospitals and loaned to patients at the time of discharge, with the goal of reducing rehospitalization rates.

The seat is able to measure the electrical and mechanical activity of the heart. It is equipped with sensors that measure the heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygenation rate, patient weight and the amount of blood that is ejected from the heart each time it beats.

These data are then analyzed by an algorithm that will warn the caregiver of a possible deterioration of the patient’s condition, sometimes even before the patient realizes that something is wrong, according to the researchers. A cardiologist will then decide if an intervention is required.

Approximately one quarter of patients with congestive heart failure are readmitted within 30 days of discharge. This rate jumps to 45 percent within 90 days.

This sophisticated toilet seat is yet to be approved by the powerful US Food and Drug Administration.

Heart failure is a condition that occurs when the heart fails to pump blood as effectively as it should, according to the University of Ottawa Heart Institute.

About one million new cases of congestive heart failure would be diagnosed each year in the United States.

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