A traffic light that forces motorists to slow down

A traffic light that forces motorists to slow down

The Fred educational traffic light is smart, in addition to being solar-powered.

A new type of traffic light, the Fred Educational Slowdown Light, will be installed on Tuesday for a period of 90 days on Stravinski Avenue, near the Marie-Laurier Academy, in Brossard, in order to calm the automobile traffic in school and peri-urban areas. This initiative is part of the desire of several Quebec municipalities to reduce speed in school zones, particularly since the tragic death of Maria last December in the Centre-Sud district of Montreal.

Signalisation Kalitec's traffic light works by detecting waves from approaching cars. It remains red until it detects, remotely, that the speed limit of 30 km/h is respected in real time. In addition to its smart aspect allowing it to record statistics, its cost is affordable since it runs on solar energy and does not require excavation.

“The arrival of this pilot project is part of a more global reflection on speed and safety in urban areas. The integration of this type of technology into the Brossard landscape is an interesting avenue to explore in order to improve the safety of our pedestrians, young and old, “says Brossard city councilor and president of the sustainable mobility committee, Patrick Langlois. .

A traffic light that forces motorists to slow down

From left to right: Charles-Emeric Lapointe, President, Signalisation Kalitec; Mr. Couillaud, Executive Assistant, Académie Marie-Laurier; Doreen Assaad, Mayor of the City of Brossard; Patrick Langlois, municipal councilor and chair of the sustainable mobility committee; Monique Bergeron, Director, Marie-Laurier Academy; Anthony Lapointe, Sales Manager, Signalisation Kalitec. Photo: Courtesy, Signalisation Kalitec

If the results of this project are positive, the City of Brossard could proceed with the acquisition of the Fred educational traffic light. If it happens that this fire offers an interesting result, it is possible that it will arouse interest in Montreal for the purposes of testing near schools.

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