A very fresh TikTok method to overcome anxiety

A mé Very fresh TikTok method to overcome anxiety

According to a method popularized by the social network TikTok: placing an ice pack on the chest would relieve anxiety. In question, the stimulation of the “vagus nerve” connecting the skull and the abdomen.

A two-in-one method. To counter the high heat, tips for cooling off have flourished on social networks. One of them would also relieve anxiety. This is the “vagus nerve icing” literally translated as “icing of the vagus nerve”, also called vagus nerve or vagal nerve. In fact, it is simply a matter of placing a cool object, such as an ice pack, on his chest, where the “vagus nerve” is located.

At the origin of this tip, the influencer Frankie Simmons whose video has been viewed more than three million times. The young woman explains that the vagus nerve “is one of the longest nerves in the body and it controls a large part of the parasympathetic nervous system, that is to say the nervous system responsible for calming you down”.


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Frankie Simmons also clarifies that he's kind of the “final boss” when it comes to regulating the nervous system. According to her, if the vagus nerve “isn't happy, no one is.” 

So how do you ease it? “Applying cold to our vagus nerve helps release inflammation, stimulates it and helps it do its job better,” she advises. To stimulate the vagus nerve, some influencers suggest taking a cold shower or rinsing your face with cool water. 

If the idea of ​​exposing yourself to a source of coolness put off, do not panic, it is possible to stimulate the vagus nerve by breathing. “Deep breathing activates the vagus nerve which connects to your heart to lower blood pressure and heart rate,” explains chiropractor Charlotte Pelouin on her site. The practice of yoga or even mediation are also possibilities.

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