A virtual wedding fair to say yes… in a pandemic!

A virtual wedding salon to say yes in pandemonium!

Want to say yes … even in a pandemic? Valérie Bigras offers you a fully virtual wedding fair from January 15 to 16.

In a pandemic, being out of sight does not necessarily mean being out of sight. At least for the virtual wedding show La vie après le oui , which will be held on January 15 and 16.

Founded and run by wedding planner Valérie Bigras, this “television show” style virtual salon offers 16 hours of interactive conferences with multiple specialists in the wedding industry.

And for this second edition , we are promised several colorful activities for two days.

For example, a parade show of 16 professional dancers will open the ball on Saturday at 9 a.m. to feature new dress trends 2022-2023.

Another must-see of the show: a virtual reality wedding ceremony prepared by the American company Studio Syro, where we can create an avatar in our image and even chat with the other participants.

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The fully virtual ceremony room made by the Studio Syro team, based in Florida in the United States. The participants of the exhibition La vie après le oui will be able to interact there & # 8230; with their avatars!

To make our mouth water, Chef Danny St Pierre will teach us how to make a successful wedding aperitif.

There will be several live performances not to be missed, including one with harps and songs that guarantees to immerse us in a romantic atmosphere!

Love & # 8230; at the time of the coronavirus & nbsp;

If we will talk about usual wedding themes such as catering, accommodation, hairdressing and decorations, the salon will not be able to ignore the pandemic.

Valérie Bigras believes she wants to offer a festive weekend to newly married couples, but also provide them with advice in order to adapt their celebrations to health measures.

The future spouses will learn in particular how to put a COVID clause in their marriage contract (which can be interesting so as not to lose a deposit in the event of restrictions).

“I also accompany them in their reflections on whether they are genuinely wishing to marry under these sanitary conditions or whether the formula of their marriage may be enhanced for the circumstances. I help them see it a little more clearly, ”says the organizer.

To register, just buy tickets for $ 65 online and follow the link to event provided by email. & nbsp; & nbsp;

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