Abortion: 4 ideas to manage your ingraining

Abortion: 4 ideas are to manage your encrissage

Caroline Décoste and Mathieu Charlebois behind the column Will you finish?

The overthrow of Roe c. Wade, sexual assaults hidden under Hockey Canada's carpet, war rapes in Ukraine… When you're a feminist, in 2022, being in crisis becomes a permanent state, a buzz of anger that always rolls in < em>background, like the hum of the fridge. Except that keeping your wrath at the right temperature all the time takes a lot of energy.  

We thought we'd list “five judges that it wouldn't have been too bad if their mother had an abortion,” but that's not very helpful. So here is a list of four ways to live with your rage instead. 

1- Jogger  

Running occupies the mind and, if we trust the people around us, it becomes your only topic of conversation. No more storiesInstagram engaged: now you only post the fact that you went for a run this morning. And this noon. And tonight. You run as if you were trying to make your camp as far as possible from here. 

You regain complete control over your body (you hurt all over, but it’s YOUR choice), what half the population in the South can no longer boast of.  

2- Meditate 

You close your eyes and you visualize… the void.  

No. That's not a vacuum, it's the list of good ideas from the right. It looks like it, but it’s not. 

The void. 

No. That’s the argument of homophobes who threaten libraries because a drag queen is having story time. It’s close, but not exactly.  

Keep going. Meanwhile, you don't think about punching anyone.  

3- Take care of yourself 

Because no, self-care, it's not just dumping for 18 piasses of stuff with sequins in the bath and lighting 22 scented candles with competing odors in the hope of forgetting, by the time the water cools, all the injustices that make you angry. 

The self-care, it's also listening to your body when it tells you that you need a break. Do you feel more irritable? Shut down social media and, yes, go for a walk. Close your eyes to the sun. Pet a cat. Laughs out loud (let's put it at a feminist show like Les Allettières, not in front of a Ricky special “I too am trans: I identify as a humorist, lol” Gervais). Cry a little if you feel it. If you cry too much, call your shrink, or a free help line. 

Rest, we'll take over, after that it'll be your turn. Exhausted people are not able to change the world. We need you for the long term, we. 

4- Don't forget when it's time to vote 

We will sound alarmist, but being alarmist is the new “being right a couple of months in advance”. Let's sound the alarm tussuite: Maxime Bernier wants to reopen the debate on abortion, Éric Duhaime “is not afraid that it brews” and already has an anti-choice candidate, about forty deputies in Ottawa are against the abortion, and Pierre Poilievre, likely future leader of the CCP (being alarmist is the new… etc.), received the support of the anti-choices. 

Recall that abortion has been decriminalized in Canada, but is not enshrined in law, making access to it unequal across Canada. A return, even a minority, of one of these dangerous individuals is a real threat to the right to autonomy and freedom of choice. We don't tell you who to vote for, but… we want to tell you who not to vote for. (Let's say if a politician has recently taken to tripping over trucks, that's a no worse clue.) 

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