According to Legault, PSPP would not have won the election “without theft of leaflets”

According to Legault, PSPP would not have won the election “without the flyers being stolen”

Premier François Legault told the National Assembly today that Paul St-Pierre Plamondon would not sit if it weren't for the theft of flyers in his riding. An insult, according to the leader of the Parti Québécois.

“The Prime Minister has just insulted me in the House. He says if it wasn't for flying flyers, I wouldn’t be here. It will really improve people's perception of politics,” commented the leader of the PQ in an interview with Métro.

It was to an attack on the CAQ on the question of the third link that François Legault reacted. PSPP accused the government of campaigning “made on the basis of false representations” by promising the highway link project in the 2022 election.

François Legault replied that “if there is one person out of the 125 here who should not ask these kinds of questions, it is the deputy for Camille-Laurin. If tomorrow morning there was an election in Camille-Laurin, without the PQ flyers being stolen, would the MNA for Camille-Laurin be the MNA who is here in front of us today?”

“Unworthy” remarks, according to the Liberal Marc Tanguay, leader of the official opposition. “The prime minister plays petty politics to avoid answering questions,” he accuses on Twitter.

Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois of Québec solidaire thinks that “the Prime Minister has descended very low this afternoon”, an action “unworthy of his office”. “Instead of attacking everyone, hold them to account,” he adds.

Camille-Laurin's solidarity candidate, Marie-Eve Rancourt, was caught red-handed removing a Parti Québécois flyer from the mailbox of ;a resident. This event led the candidate to withdraw her candidacy.

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