ADISQ 2020: selected artists from Estrie

ADISQ 2020: selected artists from Estrie

Ariane DesLions

Share October 1, 2020 Updated October 2, 2020 at 8:30 a.m. Share ADISQ 2020: selected artists from EstrieADISQ 2020: selected artists from Estrie

Steve Bergeron La Tribune Ariane DesLions, Alexandre Poulin and Saratoga are among the artists from Estrie who have managed to squeeze through the nominees of ADISQ this year.

A nice surprise awaited Ariane DesLions on Thursday: her album Rêves à colorier , released at the beginning of last spring, won a nomination in the category Album or DVD of the year – Youth. Recognition appreciated by the “fabricoleuse”.

“Wow! To be nominated at ADISQ alongside the greatest and to see my tools in songs making their way in the music industry, it is already immense for the fabricator that I am ”, commented the artist by way of communicated.

“This appointment means a lot to me and my entire team of valuable collaborators behind this second opus. This year 2020 has not finished surprising me! “

Ariane DesLions' Dreams to color guide children through the storms of everyday life: family conflicts, poverty, separation, illness, etc. Between two confidences, in the form of songs, the artist from Estrie tries to repair the “sores of the heart” using his musical tools.

Arthur l'Aventurier (another artist from the region), Maria Cannelloni, Henri Godon and the duo Atchoum & Pépé and his guitar were also selected in this category.

The Sherbrooke-born singer Alexandre Poulin also managed to get a place on the starting line: his most recent album, Human Nature , was selected among the best folk albums, with Émile Bilodeau, Sara Dufour, Jean Leloup and the Hay Babies.

The Saratoga duo, therefore part of the Sherbrooke resident Michel-Olivier Gasse, was also selected in the Script of the year category, for the best performance texts.

The song Coton ouaté written by adopted Sherbrooke resident Matthieu Lafontaine, alias Claude Cobra of Bleu Jeans Bleu, is among the ten selected to become the Song of the Year. The quartet was also selected as a contender for Group or Duo of the Year, Best Performance by Singer-Songwriter and Best Album Seller of the Year.

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