“After Celeste”, a vibrant novel by Maude Nepveu-Villeneuve

&laquo ;Après Céleste», a vibrant novel by Maude Nepveu-Villeneuve

Maude Nepveu-Villeneuve

To say that we almost missed out on this literary gem, the last novel in the running for Price of the booksellers of our pile of reading! After Celeste by Maude Nepveu-Villeneuve amazes and moves with her beauty, her delicacy and her humanity.

Strong by the loss of her baby during pregnancy, Dolores takes refuge in the family home of his childhood, far from Montreal. There, she reconnects with her neighbor Madame Labelle and meets Olivia, an eight-year-old girl. By their side, she will slowly but surely rebuild herself.

Après Céleste offers magnificent reflections on perinatal mourning, healing, intergenerational friendship and the insignificant hazards of life. Everything is sprinkled with a healthy touch of fantasy.

I've so often felt like I've lost myself, but I don't know not if I ever knew where I was. Maybe my life was just a series of long wanderings that ended up bringing me back to here, to Moreau, to this room that I never really left.

Excerpt from’< em>After Céleste

«Après Céleste», a vibrant novel by Maude Nepveu-Villeneuve

Après Céleste is offered in bookstores and published by Éditions de Ta mère.

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