After the bagel shoes, the cream cheese socks

After the bagel shoes, the cream cheese socks

Never two without three… and never a bagel without cream cheese! Yes, a few days after Nike launched its shoes in the colors of Montreal bagels, Philadelphia Canada is taking advantage of the craze to launch its cream cheese socks.

The well-known cream cheese brand's Instagram page is where the news broke today. “A bagel is not the same without Philadelphia creamy. So we designed the Philly socks to complete the fit inspired by Montreal bagels,” reads.

According to the photos, the stockings that will display the logo of the New York brand will be available in several colors – white and pink including – to remind you of the different flavors of spreads available.

Unless the announcement is just a joke, more details on how to get hold of the extravagant socks should be released via the same Instagram page shortly.

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