After the book, we fall for the piece “Les murailles” by Erika Soucy

After the book, we fall for the play “Les murailles” by Erika Soucy

Erika Soucy and Gabriel Cloutier Tremblay in “Les murailles”

While visiting her father on the Romaine shipyard, Erika Soucy overcomes not only the walls between her and him, but also those between the closed universe of the “fly-in fly-out” and the rest of the world.

This theatrical adaptation of the terrific 2016 novel by Léo's co-screenwriter is powerful and touches the heart. With humor and finesse, she makes us discover the reality of major construction sites, a thousand miles from clichés, and introduces us to colorful and endearing characters.

The documentary approach to the narration gives a breath of humanity to the whole, which is carried by the impeccable acting of Erika Soucy, Philippe Cousineau, Gabriel Cloutier Tremblay, Claude Despins and Marie-Ève Pelletier.

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