After the Christmas storm, the power is gradually returning

After the Christmas storm, the power is gradually returning

After the snowstorm that Quebec experienced over the weekend Christmas, electricity is gradually returning to many Hydro-Quebec customers, while milder temperatures are felt in the province.

At the time of writing these lines, Hydro-Quebec counted a just under 5,900 customers still without power. The majority of them (3,223 customers) are in the Capitale-Nationale and Laurentides regions.

On social networks, the state-owned company maintains that it is continuing its sustained work and that difficult conditions have slowed down their work in order to reconnect its users. “The remaining breakdowns represent a certain logistical challenge, as they are often located in places that are difficult to access, or require major work, such as the replacement of several poles. We still have 1,300 teams on the job. , the same number of teams as since the start of the event. The vast majority of crews are assigned to the most critical sectors.”

Hydro-Qu├ębec states that it cannot guarantee a specific time for the return of power, and encourages its customers to consult Info-pannes to find out progress of fieldwork.

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