Airbnb authorized everywhere in Quebec from June

The City will authorize Airbnb-type accommodation throughout its territory as of June 1, provided that the rented space is part of the occupant’s main residence, without exceeding 90 days of rental per year.

The Labeaume administration announced Monday its new policy on hosting, mainly with the growing popularity of collaborative hosting powered by websites like Airbnb.

“When we tabled the recommendations of the working group on tourist accommodation in July 2018, we made a commitment to implement the various actions proposed,” Quebec Mayor Régis Labeaume said in a statement.

The purpose of this new regulation is to create equity with the commercial accommodation market. Thus, any offer of accommodation other than in the principal residence of the lessor will be considered commercial accommodation.

Quebec was inspired by regulations adopted in other cities such as Paris, New York, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.

Residents wishing to engage in collaborative housing must obtain a permit from the City of Quebec at a cost of $ 50. They must provide proof of residency and agree to publish the permit number with the hosting offer, regardless of the media used to promote it (online booking platform, social media, poster, etc.). ), explains the statement.

For those who offer rentals other than in their principal residence, they are subject to “all regulatory and tax obligations (provincial classification certificate, municipal permit, provincial tax on lodging, etc.).”

At the same time, the City is launching a market study on the growth potential of the tourist accommodation industry in the territory. In the long term, it will evaluate the possibilities of developing the tourist accommodation offer: new sectors, quotas and measures for the protection of housing.

The public is invited to participate in one of the public consultation sessions on regulatory changes to be made regarding collaborative and commercial tourism accommodation. They will be held on Wednesday, April 10 at 7 pm at the Victoria Social Club and on Friday, April 12 at 2 pm at City Hall.

The city benefits from the overhaul of its bylaw to register under the single use C10 hotels and tourist residences, the latter being formerly under the use C11. It will now be referred to as a general tourist accommodation establishment. For more details, consult the , under the tab Tourist accommodation.

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