Alex Martel empties his heart

The founder of Montebello Rockfest, Alex Martel, emptied his heart on Sunday night.
In a four-minute video he posted on the Montebello Rock Facebook page, Mr. Martel expressed his disappointment with the failure of Outaouais Rock – the umbrella organization for Rockfest – and the the government to support its new project, Montebello Rock.

He says he has lost everything in this story.

“Outaouais Rock owed me over $ 200,000 that I will never see again, but besides the financial aspect, it’s really the work of a whole life that just collapsed for me overnight, he declares visibly moved. I really did not win anything in that situation. ”

“I did not have control. I was no longer in charge, it was not my festival anymore. ”
– Alex Martel

He also admits he no longer has control over his festival.

“I was a minority in the last three years, I had a seat on a board of six, sometimes seven people,” he says. I remained spokesperson, I remained artistic director, but it was not me who had control. I was no longer in charge, it was not my festival anymore. ”

However, what affects him the most in this story is that some bands have not been fully compensated for their participation in last summer’s festival. As Le Droit reported last Friday, 120 creditors were overthrown by the Outaouais Rock bankruptcy and among these creditors were prestigious groups such as Rise Against, Weezer and Simple Plan.

“Basically, I’m a fan of music and that’s why I started this festival. I have always been very generous in my offers. I have always respected agreements, deadlines of deposit and payment during the 13 years of the festival and as an artist, this point for me, it is inconceivable at all levels. I did everything to avoid that, “he says.

Alex Martel still, despite the loss of his festival, decided to roll up his sleeves and found a new event of a smaller scale for festival-goers and fans of rock music.

“I decided to go with my longtime team and my family, a smaller event […] for the festival-goers and to rebuild the bridges with the different people who were affected by this situation. It’s important to know that Rockfest was not my festival anymore, but Montebello Rock is my festival, “he insists.

However, he does not hide his disappointment with the Quebec government’s refusal to financially support Montebello Rock.

“I find it a shame to learn that the government does not want to financially support the new event, but I understand and I hope that discussions can continue for the future,” he said.

In closing, according to Outaouais Rock’s bankruptcy notice, the organization’s accumulated debt amounted to $ 5.9 million when it officially declared bankruptcy on December 21.

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