Alexandre Barrette has his identity stolen

Alexandre Barrette is stolen his identity

Comedian Alexandre Barrette claims that someone is trying to impersonate him with a fake Facebook profile in order to defraud people.

Instagram is where the host corrected the facts and denounced the fact that it happens repeatedly.

“Hello! There is recurrently someone who makes a fake Alexandre Barrette Facebook profile, who steals my photos and who comes to comment on my Facebook page hoping to contact people to defraud them.

2 things.
1- I only have one acebook page. I have 254,000 people following me and it is verified. This is the only page!
2-NEVER WILL I ASK YOU FOR YOUR CREDIT CARD NUMBER UNDER ANY REASON!!!!!!!!!! NEVER!!!!!” he wrote, letting us understand his dismay.

Barrette concluded by asking people to please report profiles that will attempt shady approaches.


“I only have one Facebook account and one Instagram account. These are checked and have the little blue hook. If you get approached by a fake account, please report it,” the host of the new reality show Get Me Out Of Here! asked, in an attempt to resolve the issue. .

Have you been the victim of the fake Alexandre Barrette?

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