Algeria: Chief of Staff wants Bouteflika to be declared unfit

The Algerian army chief of staff on Tuesday called for the procedure laid down in Article 102 of the Constitution, when the President of the Republic “because of serious and lasting illness, is in the total impossibility of performing his duties “.

He has been weakened since 2013 by the after-effects of a stroke and 82-year-old President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been facing unprecedented protests for more than a month since he took office in 1999.

Article 102 of the Constitution also provides for the procedure followed in case of resignation of the President of the Republic.

“It becomes necessary, even imperative, to adopt a solution to get out of the crisis, which responds to the legitimate demands of the Algerian people, and which guarantees the respect of the provisions of the Constitution and the maintenance of the sovereignty of the State,” said General Ahmed Gaid Salah, a loyal follower of Mr. Bouteflika, in a speech broadcast on national television.

“One solution to reach a consensus of all the visions, and to achieve unanimity of all parties, is that stipulated by the Constitution, in Article 102,” he continued.

Some horns welcomed the news in Algiers.

Article 102 of the Constitution provides that the Parliament, on the proposal of the Constitutional Council “reunited by right”, declares by a majority of two-thirds, “the state of impediment” when “the President of the Republic, for cause of serious and lasting illness, is totally unable to perform his duties “.

The president of the Council of Nation (upper house), then takes the interim for 45 days. If the “impediment” continues at the end of this period, the “vacancy” of power is declared. The interim continues for a maximum of 90 days during which a presidential election is organized.

The president of the Constitutional Council Tayeb Belaiz, 70 years old, who must assemble his institution to propose the application of Article 102 is a loyal head of state and one of his advisers.

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