Alicia Moffet releases new song about her breakup

Alicia Moffet releases a new song about his breakup.

Singer and new co-host of Occupation double Alicia Moffet today drops Didn't Try, a new song that echoes her breakup, announced at the end of 2021, with the father of her daughter.

It is in a black and white music video that we find Alicia Moffet fragmented by a stop motion effect as she sings this piece created the day after her breakup, can we read in the press release announcing the release of the extract.

“You are the one who divided us, don’t blame that on me. You can't say I didn't chase you, you can't say I didn't fight for us. You could say a lot of things, but you can't say that I didn't try”, can we hear, in English, in Didn’t Try.

The singer, who made a name for herself on La Voix and who launched her first tour this year, The Intertwine Tour, of the same name as his last EP, had experienced a fairly publicized break-up which had generated a lot of reactions on social networks.

“This song represents a very specific episode in my life, a pivotal moment when I felt like I had to climb a mountain to get out of it,” explains the singer-songwriter who premiered the album Billie Ave. in 2020 in honor of his daughter. “When I listen to it today, I find it soothing. But it's also a song that evokes so much vulnerability.”

“I hope it will be as therapeutic for you as it has been for me”, adds the artist on Instagram, where she is followed by more than 400,000 people.  

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Recall that Alicia Moffet and her lover, Frédérick Robichaud, will be hosting the next season of OD in Andalusia, southern Spain.  

Alicia Moffett recently announced new show dates in multiple cities for The Intertwine Tour, which was sold out. The singer will also be at a few summer events this summer, including Osheaga. For more information, you can visit its website.

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