“All Things”: A Touching Celebration of Friendship

«All things» : a touching celebration of friendship

Clearly, theater women Fanny Britt and Alexia Bürger are having fun with their play Tous things, written by the former and directed by the latter, presented at the Théâtre de Quat'Sous.

A true ode to friendship, inspired by theirs, they who have been in each other's lives since primary school, their proposal is completely exploded and original.

On stage, the two women are played by Sophie Cadieux and Kathleen Fortin, who each offer exceptional performances. By telling the story of the film Stand by Me which will have marked their childhood, the two women dive back into their memories, explore their relationship, discuss their fears, their obsessions and the dramas that have turned their lives upside down. .

The writing is punchy. Fanny Britt offers texts worthy of the talent we know her to be, she who has carved out a place for herself in the world of Quebec literature and theatre.

The play stands out and enjoys great freedom in both scriptwriting and staging. We go in all directions, we sometimes feel more than we understand, we often laugh and we are sometimes deeply touched. The rhythm is fast, the tone and the registers change a lot. And the actresses navigate this kaleidoscope in an impressive way, perfectly rendering the poignant complicity of its creators, a dimension that is at the very heart of the project.

Until May 14 at the Théâtre de Quat'Sous.< /p>

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