Alleged victims of Julien Lacroix dispute his return to the stage

Alleged victims of Julien Lacroix dispute his return to the stage

Julien Lacroix during his interview with Le Devoir

A group of alleged victims of comedian Julien Lacroix took the floor to denounce his return to the stage. The fallen comedian would contribute to the “trivialization of sexual violence”, they believe in an open letter sent to the newspaper 24H.

This group of victims decided to speak out to “rebalance the discourse” and affirm that their denunciation of Julien Lacroix in the summer of 2020 is still valid and important. However, they show solidarity with them who regret “because they have the right to define the terms of their own experience.”

These alleged victims especially question the “second chance” granted to Julien Lacroix and others alleged cultural abusers who end up in front of the cameras after the charges. They claim that their return to the stage is proof of a lack of accountability for their actions. It’s not just television to make a living, she recalls.

Julien Lacroix was received by Stéphan Bureau on the show Le monde à l'envers last Friday, which was his first appearance on television since the denunciation of nine women in the summer of 2020. During l’ program, Julien Lacroix had in particular denounced the journalistic work of Devoir which would have made “amalgams between several cases”.

The comedian also took the opportunity to speak of the feeling of fear that inhabits him about a return to the stage. He offered shows on December 21 and 22 and will be on stage in Montreal, Saint-Lazare and Saint-Eustache over the next few months.

This return to the stage contributes to the trivialization of sexual violence in the society since it implies a “privilege that we grant to certain people to shine and earn their living on our screens and in our performance halls, write the signatories of the open letter. The choice, as a society, is ours.”

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