Amber Alert: Father arrested for kidnapping

Alert Amber: the father ;arrested for kidnapping

The father who abducted his child earlier today, forcing an Amber Alert to be triggered in the metropolis, has been arrested by the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM).

Around 1:45 p.m. this afternoon, SPVM police officers were called to assist the DPJ workers in order to validate the safety of a baby five months under the responsibility of the father and the mother. The intervention took place on boulevard Monk, near boulevard de La Vérendrye, in the Ville-Émard district.

“When the police and responders arrived on the scene, the father fled with the child. The authorities had reason to fear for the imminent health and safety of the baby,” explains SPVM media relations officer Véronique Dubuc.

SPVM minor crimes took over the investigation and an alert Amber was fired around 5 p.m. The alert was finally canceled a few minutes later since the toddler was found safe and sound.

“The police carried out a check at the address of an acquaintance of the suspect. The child and the suspect were there,” explains Ms. Dubuc.

The five-month-old baby appears to be in good health, but he was still transported to a hospital to be sure.< /p>

The suspect has been arrested for kidnapping. He was transported to a detention center where he will be met by the police.

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