An air of déjà vu for the CH

Un air de déjà vu pour le CH

The lower regime to the attack of the Canadian coincides with the absence of Jonathan Drouin (photo) and Paul Byron, who will miss eight and four weeks after going under the knife.

November 21, 2019 20h28


An air of déjà vu for the CH

Alexis Belanger-Champagne

The Canadian Press


BROSSARD — The years go by and resemble each other to the Canadian.

At the same date last year, montreal had 26 points at the counter after 22 games, compared to 27 this season after the same number of meetings. The Tricolore was going through its first rough of the campaign.

The Canadian had enjoyed a sequence of five consecutive defeats between 19 and 27 November (0-3-2). This time, the cast of Claude Julien has lost three matches in a row since November 16 (0-1-2).

The difference is that last year Carey Price had an early season difficult. He had found his bearings in December, helping the Canadian to stay in the race until the penultimate encounter of the campaign.

This time, the work of the guardian the best paid in the world do not care really. The production offensive has been targeted by Julien as a point to improve in the next few days. In addition, the unit of numerical inferiority was ranked as the 29th overall in the league with an efficiency of 72.5 % prior to the games Thursday.

The Habs were even in the 31st and last place of the NHL in penalty kill before take three successful penalties in a defeat in overtime of 2-1 to the Ottawa Senators on Wednesday.

“It is sometimes a work a little unpleasant, but it is an important element in the success of a team, has insisted defender Ben Chiarot. You can’t be the 31st overall in the league in shorthanded and hope to be a good team.

“You have to play with the energy of despair, either by blocking a shot or being hit to release the disk until the other end of the rink”, he added.

It is also important to provide good support to Price. “It is necessary to enable him to see the puck. If he sees it, he will stop it, said Chiarot. It is also necessary to limit opportunities around the net. A keeper can’t do everything alone, including Carey.”

The situations that the Canadian is trying to prevent in the territory of defensive are the ones it seeks to replicate to achieve success in the offensive zone.

In the last two games, the Habs generated several scoring opportunities, but has been limited to three goals. “It is necessary to darken a little more at the net and complicate the work of the goalkeeper, noted the attacker Nick Cousins. If we do that, the goals will come.”

This small decline of the regime to the attack coincides with the absence of Jonathan Drouin and Paul Byron, who will miss eight and four weeks after going under the knife. If Byron was not a the start of the season especially bright, Drouin managed to dictate the game when he was on the ice. The quebec striker had collected 15 points in 19 games.

In the absence of Drouin, Nick Suzuki has been promoted to the top-6 offensive. He finds himself at the center of Max Domi and Joel Armia, and they got their share of scoring chances in the face of the Senators.

“It always takes a few matches and a few training sessions to learn the trends of a new companion of the trio, has admitted to Armia, who played with Domi for some time already. I look forward to see what it will give in next match.

“[Suzuki] is very agile and very good in failure-before. I have the pleasure to play with him,” added the Finnish 26-year-old, who has put an end to a shortage of nine games without a goal by touching the target in the face of the Blue Jackets in Columbus on Tuesday.

Hudon back

The players of the Canadian benefited from a leave of training on ice on Thursday. Only the reservists Mike Reilly, Christian Folin and Keith Kinkaid have graced the ice at the Bell sports Complex.

The match of Wednesday in the face of the Senators was the first of a sequence of five in a row at home for the Habs. The New York Rangers will be the next visitors on Saturday.

“We want to buy as early as Saturday. The points are also important at this time of the season than at the end,” concluded the defender Victor Mete.

Also, by the end of the day, the Canadian has announced the recall of forward Charles Hudon, that he had yielded to the Rocket of Laval after Wednesday’s game.



BROSSARD — Ben Chiarot is the first to admit that he needed a period of adjustment to his arrival at the Montreal canadiens this fall, but the quality of her game the past few weeks allows the head coach Claude Julien to rely on different combinations in the defensive.

After having been used mostly with Jeff Petry during the first months of the season, Chiarot has made the pair with Shea Weber during five of the last eight meetings. The duo Chiarot-Weber has especially missions defensive in facing the best teams with a trio of particularly threatening.

Chiarot has perhaps also benefited from playing with Weber to give a little more support to the offensive. He scored one goal and three helpers during his five meetings to the sides of the Weber, and it now totals three goals and five helpers in 22 games this season.

“I don’t think my style changes a lot depending on the identity of my partner, said Chiarot, who has signed a contract for three seasons with a total value of $10.5 million USD with the Canadian during the summer. The fact of change of partner really does not bother me because we’ve done it often enough that I am comfortable with both.

“Shea and I, we prefer to usually attempt the simple game, while Jeff loves to skate with the puck and attempt long passes. Maybe I need to assure myself a little more to be in a good defensive position when I play with Jeff, because we don’t want to prevent them from making good games.”

For his part, Victor Mete does not complain of finding themselves from time to time with Petry.

“We are both very active in the offensive zone, said Mete, who has experienced an evening of two goals to the sides of Petry on November 5, in the face of the Boston Bruins. We love to support the attack, make opportunities.”

During this time, Brett Kulak is the partner of Cale Fleury on the third pair in the last six games. Fleury, who has played in the last 14 meetings, the Habs did talk to him Wednesday night against the Ottawa Senators went a resounding failure at the location of the attacker Vladislav Namestnikov in the first period. Namestnikov is not income in the match, injured at the bottom of the body.

Fleury in the first rank

Before the meetings on Thursday, Fleury was ranked the number one in the NHL among rookies with 51 failed. This total was also the 34th rank in this chapter among all the players of the circuit Bettman.

“I think it takes the players by surprise because he looks very young, has noted Chiarot. But when he decides to hit, the opponents revolent far enough.

“It is already very strong, and he’s only 21 years old. With age, it will be even stronger and it will be even more dangerous on the ice.”

Even if the Canadian finds himself in 21st place in the NHL by virtue of his 68 goals granted this season, the Habs held the 11th position after having conceded only 40 goals five-on-five.

In addition to its inefficiency in numerical inferiority, the brigade’s defensive Canadian tire so rather well. And Julien is trying to make the most of it by deploying its defenders in different ways.

“You can have more options, the better it is for the coaches. We can present different faces against different teams. It works up here and it is correct like this,” a summary Chiarot. The canadian Press

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