An all-Quebec N95 competitor

An all-Quebec N95 competitor

Vincent Houle, president of MI Integration, exhibits a prototype of the Dorma 99 mask, which will be produced on a large scale in the Sherbrooke plant.

Share October 6, 2020 4:34 p.m. Updated at 6:45 p.m. Share A competitor to the N95 entirely from QuebecAn all-Quebec N95 competitor

Alain Goupil La Tribune A new mask is about to enter the battle against the coronavirus. A mask entirely designed and manufactured in Quebec, more efficient and more ecological than the well-known N95.

The Dorma 99, designed by Dorma Filtration and doctor René Caissie, will go into production on Friday at the Mi Integration plant in Sherbrooke, with components produced by Sefar, in Saguenay, and eLab Extrusion, in Magog.

MI Integration, which specializes in sealants for the automotive industry, expects to be able to produce 500,000 masks per month by the end of the year.

“And if all goes well, in January, we should be able to increase the rate to a million” masks per month, specifies Vincent Houle, president of MI Integration.

Several hospitals in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada have already placed orders to use the Dorma 99.

The first prototypes leading to the production of the Dorma 99 saw the light of day last May.

At the request of NRC, MI Integration was asked to design different molds and provide the assembly line. Sefar, of Saguenay, was called upon to supply the filters, while eLab Extrusion, of Magog, designed the elastic from a resin that meets medical standards.

MI Integration, which currently employs 160 workers, plans to invest between $ 3 million and $ 4 million in the purchase of new equipment. About twenty jobs will be added in the short term in the factory on Industrial Boulevard, which will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

An all-Quebec N95 competitor

Several hospitals, in Quebec and elsewhere in Canada, have already placed orders to use the Dorma 99. Photo La Tribune, Jessica Garneau

“Initially, our production will be intended for the Canadian market, but since we have facilities in Mexico, we plan to produce for the Mexican market as well,” adds Mr. Houle.

The arrival of Dorma 99 in the competitive personal protective equipment (PPE) market is the result of a partnership involving several players.

In addition to MI Integration in Sherbrooke, we find the firm Dorma Filtration, of Doctor Caissie, the National Research Center of Canada (CNRC) as well as the CTT Laboratories of St-Hyacinthe.

Aside from being able to filter 99% of ambient particles, the Dorma 99 was designed in a more eco-responsible way than the N95.

The Dorma can in fact be reused more than thirty times and its components are recyclable. Thus, each Dorma 99 mask replaces at least 30 disposable N95 masks. It can also be sterilized for prolonged use. Once its useful life is over, it is also possible to “melt” in order to make a new one.

Its cost per use is also lower than that of existing disposable solutions.

Health Canada authorizations have been obtained and Dr. Caissie's firm, Dorma Filtration, holds the “Medical Device Establishment License” (MDEL).

Dorma Filtration President and CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. René Caissie, said his goal was to “find a solution that can be manufactured locally while providing optimal protection.”

The aim was also to offer a product that was both economical and ecological. “Our product is reusable and recyclable, which means that a single mask effectively replaces large quantities of masks that end up in the environment.

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