An allegorical float symbol of the housing crisis

A allegorical float symbol of the housing crisis

The first decoration of the allegorical float took the form of graffiti in which it is written “Social housing now”.

On November 13, the Popular Action Front in Urban Redevelopment (FRAPRU) launched an allegorical float that will travel the roads and different regions of Quebec to make visible the cause of social housing and the various projects carried out by the organization.

It was on a rainy morning that FRAPRU kicked off its allegorical float in front of the Prime Minister's offices in Montreal.

“We want the government to take stock of the housing crisis affecting modest and low-income tenants and the extreme precariousness of their living conditions. Substantial choices must be made, without further delay,” explains Véronique Laflamme, FRAPRU spokesperson.

An allegorical float to make housing needs visible

For Ms. Laflamme, the launch of this allegorical float serves as a symbol to illustrate the lack of concrete action in the crisis file housing, a situation that affects all regions of Quebec beyond Montreal.

“The allegorical float will make stops in Saguenay, Matane, Montreal and other cities where we have housing committees. We want the tenants of all the places we will visit to come and decorate the allegorical float with creations or messages that bear witness to their problems”, specifies the FRAPRU spokesperson.

She adds that at the moment was well chosen to launch the allegorical float since economic announcements from the CAQ government are expected in early December.

Today, we inaugurate the allegorical float in front of his offices to challenge François Legault directly. We're weeks away from an economic update, and fixing the housing crisis can't wait. Checks are all well and good, but they are not enough, nor structuring, so the allegorical float will serve to make visible the requests of tenants to solve the problem.

Véronique Laflamme, spokesperson for FRAPRU

An allegorical float; goric symbol of the housing crisis

FRAPRU spokesperson, Véronique Laflamme, who motivated the many people present to protest for social housing. Caption: David Beauchamp, Métro

Decorating to protest

After serving slogans and hot soup, the float received its first decoration. It was graffiti done by Rémi, a community organizer for the Montreal North Housing Committee, which read “Social housing now”.

In interview with Métro, his colleague, community organizer Jacynthe Morin explains how Montreal-North outlying neighborhoods are hardest hit by the housing crisis, which is why his housing committee is particularly present in the field.

“ We want the renewal of AccèsLogis, because in Montreal North, there are a lot of families and not enough housing to accommodate them. We need to build new social housing, and in Montreal-North we have only 6% of social housing in our rental stock, compared to the Montreal average of 11%, while the average income of the neighborhood is $25,000 less than the average. average Montrealer,” explained Ms. Morin.

The Montreal-Nord team will be particularly present to help people create content on the float. ” We will participate in the activities of the allegorical float, we will do content creation workshops and we will be in Saint-Léonard on December 12 in its stop in the northeast to help people and continue to insist on the importance of social housing.”

The allegorical float leaves Montreal on November 13 to head to Matane. He will return to Montreal on December 12, and will be visiting the Southwest, in Rosemont and Saint-Léonard in particular.

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