An extreme climbing competition is coming to Montreal

An extreme climbing competition I'm coming to Montreal

Are you looking for an adrenaline rush? You can sign up to compete in a climbing competition at the Psicobloc Open Series bouldering competition returning to Montreal in August at the Parc Jean-Drapeau Aquatic Complex.

The goal is to climb a 55-foot wall with no ropes, no harnesses, and only one way out: a long dip in the pool below.

Climbing enthusiasts can participate in the tournament to win prizes worth a total of $100,000. 

An extreme climbing competition is coming&nbsp ; Montréal


There will be 400 participants who, two by two, will race to the top, on a plunging wall at 16 7 meters above a swimming pool. The slightest misstep can lead to an incredible fall in the water. During the competition, climbers will be divided into four categories “men open 2019”, “women open 2019”, “jr boys 12-17 2019” and “jr girls 12-17 2019”. 

Athletes can only rely on themselves to climb the steep slope. However, if you want to climb, but you don't want to compete with others, you can register for the “social meeting” contest.

There there is no age to enjoy this activity. Try it out and stop whenever you want.

You can also attend the event as a spectator by purchasing day passes.

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