And if the city relied more on the permanent?

Is it to erase its painful reputation as a historic and heritage city and the old-fashioned designations of “Old Capital”, “Old Quebec”, “Old Port of Quebec” that stick to the name that Quebec City has thrown to waste in the ephemeral, multiplying “events” of any kind, sporting preference and artificially creating small summer and even winter places that must be installed and dismantled at the beginning and end of the season? At the height of good taste, we sometimes even revisit certain toponyms, for example decking the Dorchester Bridge with the title of “Art’chester” to better identify its new vocation … ephemeral!

D Hence the need for appropriate training to its formation. It is the responsibility of the trainee to find the internship, with responsibility commensurate with their level of competence, a responsibility taken in an appropriate workplace.

A university student must demonstrate to the management of his / her educational institution that he / she is developing relevant experience, preparatory to the professional responsibility that will be his / hers. This responsibility lies with him. For future teachers and health workers, the leaders of educational institutions must establish the standards of an acceptable internship.

In conclusion, why would the student not be responsible for finding a place to do an internship and negotiate the wage agreement that accompanies it? It goes without saying that the trainee is entitled to a salary benefit for the work provided. Nothing prevents the management of his institution to accompany the trainee in his approach. Why rely on the state for the governance of our lives?

The school prohibits cell phones in the classroom, the state prohibits the use of cannabis under 21, the state prohibits the issuance of credit cards to under 18 years, the state, the state, the State … That’s enough.

After all, take control of your life, it is trainer. Are we not gradually putting the governance of our lives back into the hands of the state? The role of the state is to support the citizen in his development. Let’s invite him to do it.

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