And if the city relied more on the permanent?

Is it to erase its painful reputation as a historic and heritage city and the old-fashioned designations of “Old Capital”, “Old Quebec”, “Old Port of Quebec” that stick to the name that Quebec City has thrown to waste in the ephemeral, multiplying “events” of any kind, sporting preference and artificially creating small summer and even winter places that must be installed and dismantled at the beginning and end of the season? At the height of good taste, we sometimes even revisit certain toponyms, for example decking the Dorchester Bridge with the title of “Art’chester” to better identify its new vocation … ephemeral!

During this time, the permanent, that is to say, the historical heritage that makes (or was) famous in Quebec, distinguished it from other North American cities and even attracted visitors worldwide.

And if our lanes, like those of Montreal, were given as much attention as these insignificant places … try to be ephemeral, and become authentic corners of nature, with trees and flowers, real meeting places friendly and friendly that we do not have to go up and down at each change of season?

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