And the best champagne in the world is…

And the best champagne in the world is…

It's pink. It was aged in magnums. Dom Ruinart 2004 is not only a rare champagne. It’s also the best in the world, according to an international championship that has compared more than 1,000 sparkling wines produced around the world. 

When we plan to celebrate a great occasion, we often wonder which champagne to choose. Faced with the plethora of winegrowers' houses and champagnes on offer, we don’t always know how to go about it, especially since prices can vary from one to three. For seven years, an international competition has been compelled to confront the sparkling wines of the planet to identify the most qualitative. The competition was launched by a British author, recognized as the greatest champagne specialist, Tom Stevenson. 

More than 1000 sparkling wines from all over the world were tasted blind. The jury of professionals did not choose just any champagne as the big winner. Their palaces have indeed honored a rare vintage, the Dom Ruinart rosé 2004. Not only is this label a member of a family that has only twenty vintages since its creation in 1966 but, in addition, it comes from a magnum aging.

This detail is not a detail because it is the most suitable capacity to develop the complexity of a champagne. In its 1.5 liter bottle, the wine is less subject to rapid temperature changes, which can drastically ruin the quality of the drink.

It should also be noted that the Champagne and Sparkling Wine World Championships featured the rosé color at the top of the bill, still regularly seen – mistakenly, by many enthusiasts as a sub-wine. This competition rehabilitates this bacchanalian nuance, with this elaboration based on chardonnay and pinot noir vinified in red. An originality which however has a cost: 600 euros. You can taste this vintage for less by preferring the bottle.

On the SAQ website, the bottle displayed in the cellar section at $291.75

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