Anglade calls for an emergency meeting on the 5th wave

Anglade calls for an emergency meeting on the 5th wave

Dominique Anglade, leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec.

From next week, the National Assembly must meet to hold an extraordinary session, believes the leader of the Liberals, Dominique Anglade. Then, the CAQ should hold weekly meetings with the oppositions, she asks. The rise in hospitalizations linked to COVID-19 is worrying him.

Like the general population, opposition parties learn about health measures in force during government press conferences. While the National Assembly is recess until February, it is impossible for them to challenge the decisions of the government, or to make suggestions in the public square.

“We find ourselves on a boat that has no rudder or compass,” lamented Ms. Anglade during a press briefing in Montreal on Friday. “This is the general confusion that reigned.”

In particular, the Liberals believe that the government could have been more clear about screening at the center. Since the start of the week, their access has been limited to a handful of Quebecers, while the general population is being asked to favor rapid tests.

Confusion reigned over rapid testing as well. At a press conference, the Minister of Education Jean-François Roberge assured that they would be distributed in secondary schools. This will ultimately not be the case.

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