Anne Casabonne joins Eric Duhaime's party

Anne Casabonne joins the party by Éric Duhaime

Anne Casabonne and Éric Duhaime

Comedienne Anne Casabonne is the new recruit of the Conservative Party of Quebec (PCQ). She will be a candidate in the riding of Marie-Victorin, where by-elections are to be held.

Anne Casabonne hit the headlines after calling COVID-19 vaccines “big shit” in a video posted in September. In passing, she called Prime Minister François Legault as well as Minister of Health Christian Dubé “clowns”. “They went so far as to promise a hot dog, ice cream, lotto for the injection of what obviously looks like shit. Yes, a big shit, “she said.

The 52-year-old actress reconsidered her exit a few days later, admitting that she should have attacked the vaccination status rather than to vaccines. She herself is vaccinated. “We use this vaccine to divide, whereas a vaccine is not supposed to do that. It’s supposed to improve a situation”, she had justified.

Anne Casabonne had already announced that she was taking a break from her acting career before joining the Conservative Party. Walmart Canada, which had chosen her as spokesperson for its Accès pharma component, completely disassociated itself from her remarks. Several videos featuring her have been removed from Walmart's social media channels.

Popular because of her roles in series like Unité 9 and La Galère, Anne Casabonne is originally from Montérégie. She studied drama at UQAM.

Upcoming elections

The PCQ has positioned itself against the introduction of the vaccine passport and several health measures imposed. In live videos broadcast on his social networks, Éric Duhaime frequently discusses with speakers who criticize the actions taken by the government in the fight against COVID-19.

The riding of Marie-Victorin has been vacant since the departure of Catherine Fournier, now mayoress of Longueuil. She had been elected under the banner of the Parti Québécois (PQ), before disaffiliating from the party and sitting independently.

The PQ has also named a candidate in Marie-Victorin, former federal deputy Pierre Nantel. Mr. Nantel was a New Democratic Party MP in the riding of Longueuil–Pierre-Boucher until 2019, when he joined the Greens. Several speakers saw PQ leader Paul St-Pierre Plamondon running in this riding. This one will present itself rather in the east of Montreal, in the riding of Bourget.

In Marie-Victorin, the Liberals present Émilie Nollet, 35 years old. A researcher at Saint Paul University in Ottawa and an entrepreneur, she presented herself to the public last November. Québec solidaire also announced its candidate, Shophika Vaithyanathasarma. In the last federal election, Ms. Vaithyanathasarma was a candidate for the Bloc Québécois.

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