Anti-Semitism: the Olympia cancels a concert

Antisemitism: Olympia cancels a concert

Performance hall L’Olympia cancels the concert of French rapper Freeze Corleone scheduled for December 4, following several days of controversy over his anti-Semitic lyrics.

L he Jewish organization B'nai Brith had publicly asked the Olympia to cancel the concert last week, because the young rapper praises Nazism in his songs, in addition to denying the Holocaust and making direct associations between Jews and money.

Olympia owner Patrick Levy says people can't buy tickets since last Friday and he is checking how to get free of his contract with the promoter of the event. Mr. Levy had also found himself in controversy since he himself is Jewish. He clarifies that he has nothing to do with the programming of Freeze Corleone, and that he would never have accepted his presence if he had known what he said.

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