Are you getting married? Rome and its region foot the bill!

Are you getting married? Rome and its region are footing the bill!

What if you said yes abroad? For couples who are thinking of uniting away from home, Lazio, of which Rome is the capital, is a good alternative, since the region has decided to devote ten million euros to cover all the costs related to the ceremony. . An atypical initiative to revive the tourist machine after the pandemic. 

Florist, car rental, wedding dress, costume, restaurant, wedding rings… You can hope not to spend a penny for your wedding if you decide to unite with your loved one in a destination in Lazio. A promotional campaign for the Italian region has just been launched and promises the lovebirds to pay them all the expenses related to their wedding. If an envelope of ten million euros has been set up to settle the bill, each couple can hope to be offered a maximum of 2,000 euros. To obtain the check, it is absolutely necessary that the service providers you choose operate in Lazio. Good news since this tourist promotion campaign is not only reserved for Italians. Even foreigners can enjoy it!

Be careful not to have your eyes bigger than your stomach. Some positions are indeed limited. For example, catering services cannot exceed 700 euros, as can the value of your honeymoon in the region of Julius Caesar. In addition, the newlyweds have the possibility of sending up to five payment receipts, to be submitted before January 31, 2013 via the official website of Lazio. 

In 2021, only three million visitors stayed in tourist accommodation in Rome. A dramatic situation for the sector, which is obviously due to the pandemic and the restrictions. In the space of three years, the use of accommodation structures has dropped by 85%. Rome welcomed more than 19 million tourists in 2019, reports the employers' union Unindustria and the Rome Chamber of Commerce. 

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