Are your “waterproof” boots really?

Your “waterproof boots ;ables” are they really?” /></p>
<p>No longer able to get your paws soaked, you've probably already set your sights on some new boots emblazoned with a large “WATERPROOF” tag congratulating you on finally ending your ordeal. But, once you've crossed the benches of sloche with your flambette shoes, oh, you're still caught wringing your stockings. Buying guide so you don't make mistakes. </p>
<p>“You have to read the labels carefully. A boot that is “water resistant” does not mean waterproof. And even when you see “waterproof,” sometimes it’s only part of the boot that’s protected,” warns outdoor enthusiast and Arc’teryx Montreal employee François Laplante-Anfossi. < /p> </p>
<p>For optimal performance, forget boots whose surface has simply been sprayed with a waterproofing agent. This protection usually only lasts a few weeks. It is then necessary to constantly add protective product. </p>
<p>It is already better if they have been “coated” with a waterproofing agent. This means that they have been completely soaked in a product that repels water during the tanning process. Your feet could then stay sheltered longer in mild winter conditions. However, they would not withstand a storm or a large puddle on the way to work. </p>
<p>DWR<em> </em> (“<em>durable water repellency< /em>or “durable water repellent treatment”, TDD, in French) is enough to repel water from sportswear, such as when applied to coats, but does not guarantee dry feet. </p>
<p >“The safe bets are those that contain a [breathable] waterproofing membrane like Gore-Tex, assures Guillaume Turgeon-Cazelais, assistant manager at the MEC store in Longueuil. If in addition it has been laminated [Editor’s note: glued to the lining], it is almost impenetrable. It's like a plastic bag, but lets the water vapor through.” </p>
<p>“[Before buying], so look at the model in store or online or ask the clerks. Also, make sure the membrane covers the entire foot,” he advises.</p>
<p>Even better? Look for a model with “sealed” seams that prevent water from entering. </p>
<p>Otherwise, you can always opt for 100% waterproof rubber boots, like the multicolored Sorels you wore in the schoolyard, but if you play sports, your feet may end up soggy. Not because of the little brat who pushed you into the snow, but because the sweat will remain trapped there. </p>
<h4 id=3 really waterproof Quebec or Canadian models:

Acrux TR GTX boots for men – Arc’teryx ($340)

Your “waterproof» are they really? 

The lightweight boot has a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane

Women's Veronica 2.0 Boots – Pajar (on sale at $199)

Are your “waterproof” boots really?” /></p>
<p>The boot has an in-house waterproof membrane called Pajar-Tex. </p>
<p><strong>Neptune Boots – Cougar (on sale at $120)</strong></p>
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