Ariane Moffatt hits Spotify

Ariane Moffatt unleash a point  Spotify

Ariane Moffatt hit out at Spotify in an Instagram post this morning.

“Are you doing the version: royalty pennies charts from our @spotify streams? It would be funny 😠”, she wrote in a tone that was certainly sarcastic, even caustic.

The singer-songwriter reacted to the end-of-year charts that began to reveal the digital music streaming giant for a few days.

In the wake of these tops2022, several Quebec artists, including Lydia Képinski, the Boulay Sisters and Marilyne Léonard, proudly relayed storiesof Spotify subscribers who have included them in their personal charts.

If Ariane Moffatt, musician adored by the Quebec public, thus makes fun of the royalties that she and her peers collect for their listening on the platform, it is because the artists here have been denouncing since the starving royalties they earn for a long time, in this age where streaming platforms are the main way people listen to music.

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Pierre Lapointe had again denounced this reality at the Premier Gala de l'ADISQ last month, after having offered a vibrant plea on this subject a few days earlier on the airwaves of ICI Première à l' issued on There will always be culture.

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