Arnaud Soly's gift ideas

The gift ideas of Arnaud Soly

Arnaud Soly humorously suggested some rather original gift ideas…

“Are you late shopping for Christmas gifts? I have suggestions”, he launched intriguingly on Instagram.

Warning: the first gift idea is… surprising!

Gift ideas from Arnaud Soly

Gift ideas d’Arnaud Soly

“Quick, the tour is over!”, can we read in the story which includes a link to purchase tickets for the show.

Gift ideas by Arnaud Soly

In the next story, Arnaud offers you the DVDs of the complete Omertà series… what a great idea, we hadn't even thought of that!

Gift ideas from Arnaud Soly

“Improv show for a good cause! One night only,” continued Soly, who in a not very subtle way encouraged the public to come and see his show at Aquafest.

The comedian concluded with a most imaginative idea… either an elf costume for the lizard!

Arnaud Soly’s gift ideas

Gift ideas from Arnaud Soly

Of course, Arnaud Soly also wished happy holidays to his fans.

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