Arrest of an ex-reservist canadian suspected of links with neo-nazis

Arrestation d’un ex-réserviste canadien soupçonné de liens avec des néonazis

16 January 2020 13: 15

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Arrest of an ex-reservist canadian suspected of links with neo-nazis

The canadian Press


OTTAWA – A former reservist in the canadian army who is suspected of having links with neo-nazis, who had been missing since August, has been arrested in the eastern United States.

An official of the american federal police (FBI) in Baltimore, Dave Fitz, said Patrik Mathews had been arrested on Thursday morning in the Delaware in the company of another man. A third man, who could have links with them, has also been arrested in Maryland.

The corporal Patrik Mathews, combat engineer with the 38th Canadian brigade Group in Winnipeg, had been the subject of an article in the “Winnipeg Free Press”, in the middle of the month of August, which linked him to a group of neo called “The Base”. The ministry of national Defence was later shown that Patrik Mathews had been relieved of his duties, thus accelerating its demand demobilization.

Mr. Mathews had been reported missing a few days later, on 24 August. His truck had been found on a rural property in southern Manitoba, near the u.s. border, which gave the impression that he was entered in the United States.

According to a press release from the u.s. department of Justice, the three men had to participate the next week to a rally of supporters of firearms in Richmond, Virginia.

Patrik Jordan Mathews, 27, and Brian Mark Lemley, Jr., 33 years old, a resident of Maryland, are accused of having transported a firearm and ammunition with intent to commit a crime. William Garfield Bilbrough IV, 19, also a resident of Maryland, is accused of having transported and housed an illegal alien. Mr. Lemley is also accused of having carried a gun and be given a firearm and ammunition to an alien who entered the United States illegally.

The three men were to appear in court Thursday afternoon in Greenbelt, Maryland.

According to the u.s. department of Justice, the three men are members of the group “The Basis”. Anti-defamation League says that the members of this organization and other groups, white supremacist have frequently posted messages promoting “the accélérationnisme”, a marginal stream of the far right who militerait for “the acceleration of the collapse of the present society”.

In discussion forums, encrypted, members of the group spoke of committing acts of violence against Blacks and Jews, ways to make improvised explosive devices, their training camps, military style, and their desire to create an “ethno-State” white, ” says an FBI agent in a sworn statement.

The governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, has declared a state of emergency Wednesday and banned all weapons at the gathering, which was to join the three men, citing precisely the threats posed by armed militias who intended to be present. Advocacy groups firearms have requested Thursday a judge to lift the ban, arguing that it brimait the constitutional right to bear arms in the United States.


Arrestation d’un ex-réserviste canadien soupçonné de liens avec des néonazis

The corporal Patrik Mathews

The canadian Press/RCMP

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