At the front to save the Earth and the future of their children

At the front to save the Earth and the future of their children

Clélia Sève, Nathalie Ainsley, Hélène Bolduc and Kareen Guillaume are part of the organization Mères au front.

Four moms chose action as an antidote to anxiety and anger. Clélia, Nathalie, Kareen and Hélène will spend Mother's Day demonstrating in front of the National Assembly to demand immediate action for the environment. The future of their children, and those of the world, depends on it. Meeting.

A year ago, while she was pregnant, Clélia joined Mères au front, a pan-Canadian movement born in 2020 to challenge political leaders on environmental issues. Quickly, she became the coordinator of the Montreal group. Her daughters, Luce, two, and Millie, five months, deserve better. Faced with the climate emergency, she wants the political class to move. “Yes, it's urban agriculture, composting, recycling, she explains, but beyond individual gestures, we won't get there without strong and immediate political action.”

Nathalie is a young retiree from Hydro-Québec. In her fifties, she decided to quit her job to devote herself full-time to the fight against climate change. Why? “For Laurie, 23, and Annie, 20. Because I can't look my daughters in the eye without fear. I fight to avoid leaving them a world of suffering,” she replies, referring to the threat of climate refugees, wars for access to resources, lack of food due to infertile land and natural disasters.

Kareen and her husband sincerely wondered whether or not they were going to have a child, out of fear for her future. After many thoughts, at 40, she gave birth to Oscar “for love”. But motherhood exacerbated her environmental anxieties. What to do with a parent's protective feelings? How to deal with this big climatic monster lurking behind them? To do her part, and calm her anxiety, she got involved in Mères au front, alongside her career.

“We must be united,” adds Hélène, the group's great-grandmother. Despite her 85 years, she sparkles with vitality and wants to get involved. For her, citizen mobilizations like that of May 8 can represent a turning point. “We can make social and environmental justice the issue at the ballot box for the next election.”

Alarmists? These four mothers call themselves rather “ecolucides”. “The quality of life that we have known, our children will never know,” laments Nathalie. Like the others, she rages against “government decisions that run counter to ecological common sense: the blocking of sustainable mobility projects, privileges to the forestry industry, mining projects authorized to dump into lakes… not to mention [des ] crumbling public services”. 

These citizens want recognition that collective wealth resides in an economy at the service of people, and that the environment be placed at the heart of all decisions. To be heard, they will go to Quebec City on May 8 for the Bread and Forests march. “Come, even if you don't have time! We can change things, let's do it for our children, for their health and their future well-being”, concludes Célia, Millie asleep in her arms.

< p>It breaks my heart because it is the young people who will pay for the coming crises.

Hélène Bolduc, Member of Mères au front

Mères au front

Mères au front has 7000 members combined in 300 local groups across Canada and one group in Belgium. The Montreal group has 135 people.

The March of Bread and Forests

It will be held on Sunday, May 8, 2022 in Quebec City, and will begin at 11:30 a.m. at the Parc du Musée. The organizers offer transport and accommodation at reduced costs. Contact: Bread and forests for our children – Mothers at the front – Mother's Day (

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